These are the 2019 Color and Home Design Trends

2019 is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about some of the hottest color and design trends for the upcoming year. Many of them are good ways for homeowners to spice up their homes and transform a decorating scheme into something totally different.

Keep these 2019 color and design trends in mind as you start to lay out your theme for the next year.

Jewel Tones

One of the most popular trends for 2019 in terms of design is rich jewel tones. It’s always easy to upgrade a home’s style and feel by adding some new paint on the walls, so don’t be afraid to buy some rich primary colors and jewel tones for painting. Some bolder colors, like greens, can even give off a more calming vibe that works at any point of the year. Paint trends do not usually change all that fast so you can rest assured 2019’s color trends can still work down the road. For those not looking to paint, purchase a nice rug or some art to spice up a room.

Warm Colors

Warmer neutral tones in general are also a hot color trend for 2019. Colors like clay and hazelnut can make any room look larger and will serve as a relaxing backdrop at any point of the year. Those looking for trendy neutral colors can also look at lilac gray as an update on other cooler grays that have been popular in the past.

Repurposed Furniture

Furniture that is made from other repurposed items and other eco-friendly materials is another big trend. Sustainability is a home trend that has become very popular and recycled furniture is quickly becoming a large part of many people’s lives. Going to flea markets to find furniture to then fix up and mesh into something else is a fun and enjoyable activity that can be a lot cheaper than trying to purchase all new furniture from a store. If you don’t want to go out and hunt on your own for something, try to look around your home to see if any items can be repurposed or recrafted into something new and trendy.

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Floral Patterns

Another hot trend for the upcoming year is floral patterns that are much bolder and more vibrant than what has been seen in the past. This might seem a bit overwhelming, but you can always start small here. Just introduce a bedspread or a couple of floral pillows into a room and then expand from there. Floral-based patterns are another way to introduce some color without making the overall vibe of a room seem too extreme.

Hint of Black

Finally, another big design trend and theme for the upcoming year is the emergence of black matte accents to go with gray and white. Don’t be afraid to turn towards black cabinets or floors, or just adding in some black dining room chairs and lights. This trend is probably going to stick around for a bit, so you can take your time on bringing it inside your house. Just be sure to place black strategically around your home so it does not overwhelm everything else.

There are a number of design options you can take advantage of in 2019. Don’t be afraid to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Many of these trends will be around for a while, meaning you can get started now and still have a stylish home for years down the road.

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