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Full Service Design Package


This is a great service for the client who doesn’t have the time, patience or the creative eye and just want to leave the full designing of the space up to the professional. With our full service project package, Interior Affairs provides a turn-key design for any room (or set of rooms) in your home no matter the size.

Your home project has its own unique design needs that help to determine the scope of work that is necessary to complete your design project. When you, the client, sign our agreement for services to have 3 or more rooms completed you will receive a multi room discount of 10% off the total invoice.

The initial consultation starts at $150.00. This fee is fully credited back to your design fee if our agreement is signed within one week of the initial visit. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful space that reflects your personality and lifestyle and doesn’t break the bank. When full design services are engaged, Interior Affairs does not charge an hourly rate.Instead, we charge a flat design fee that is determined by the scope of work.

Full Design Service Package


1 Initial consultation starts @ $150.00

In this meeting we discuss (in person) the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space. Time set aside to explore your design needs, your likes and dislikes, your style preferences, and answer to any questions you may have. This is also a time for us to discuss and determine your time frame and budget.
If you decide to move forward in working with us at this time, the Letter of Agreement will be signed and the design service fee is collected. An appointment is set for our next visit for pictures and measurements to be done.

2 Second Visit

img02The Interior Affairs design team will come to your home to do our measurements and pictures.Vickie Daeley will personally be there to go over any additional questions or concerns you may have at this time. This is also a perfect time to reiterate all points of interest we discussed at our initial visit.

3 Preliminary Presentation

img03This portion of the design is where we pull some items such as fabrics, colors, a couple of selections that we might like to see in the design plan, to make sure that you feel comfortable. This is done to ensure that the items as well as selections made are to your liking. This meeting is very important but should only take a few minutes.

4 presentation

img04This is an exciting meeting where we invite you to our office or if you prefer we can come to you to share your custom-finished project. Color renderings, fabric and material samples, furniture finishes, tile selections and CAD Layouts along with wall elevations are prepared and make the presentation easier for you to visualize. Proposed pricing is also included at this time. Changes to the plan may be done to accommodate design changes and price changes. Once the interior design package has been approved, purchased and in most cases a 50% deposit is required we begin our ordering process, items are put into production and manufacturing.

5 Delivery and installation

In order to accommodate our clientele, we give our clients 2 choices when for deliveries and installation.

  • BIG REVEAL img05Interior Affairs is equipped to accommodate you so that most things can be delivered and installed at once. Depending on the project, this could take a full day up to a full week. Please understand that along with this selection there could be additional storage costs, as items would be stored until all items have been received in order to provide this service. This is a more Turn-key approach.
  • On-going delivery and installation : Interior Affairs arranges to have the deliveries made according to when the items have been received and are ready to be installed and delivered. This could mean one item up to multiple items being delivered at one time.

The Jump Start Design Program

Starting rate $300.00

This is a perfect design service for the client that needs a point in the right direction without the cost commitment associated with Interior Affairs Full Design Package. This is great for someone that needs a jump-start on color and inspiration for a new interior space or a current space they want to redesign. With this service, your Jump Start Design will inspire you to find the perfect pieces to fit your style and needs.

Jump Start Design Program

  • Initial consultation via email (correspondence about your space and our scope of work)
  • Creative Vision Materials Board with inspirational images (no direct resources of where to shop will be provided)
  • Suggestions and direction on implementing the design and getting the most out of your Creative Materials Board in a word document.
  • 30 minute phone call to Interior Affairs, if the client has design questions pertaining specifically to the selection of an item on the board provided in relation to why the items was chosen or the intended use.

How it Works:

Email Interior Affairs your space and share the details on what you are looking to do and or change. Interior Affairs will email you back and send you a design questionnaire to learn more about your needs and wants.

After the décor questionnaire is completed Interior Affairs will email over a word document within 15 days with your vision board and a brief explanation of why these décor decisions were made. Finally we will coordinate a call for Interior Affair to answer your questions.

2 – Hour Pick Your Brain In-Home Consultation

Starting rate $600.00

 Do you live locally in the Orange County area and need Interior Affairs come to you to give design expertise. Then this is the service for you. 1st space receives a 2 hour time commitment; each additional space receives 1 hour time commitment for only $125.00. The service is perfect for the hands on client who doesn’t know what to do or even what to shop for on their own.

Get ready for note taking!

Our one time design acceleration consultation will cover a lot of ground from paint color selection, verbal space planning, furniture, accessories selection and decorating recommendations. img06

During this time Interior Affairs will provide you with a notebook to take detailed notes on suggestions on decorative additions that can be added to your space along with suggested places to shop. Design planning consultation maybe broken down in multiple days (with 2 hour commitments) depending on how rooms are being planned out.

2-Hour Pick Interior Affairs Brain Consultation

  • The scope of your project in detail.
    This will include all the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space. To make the best use of our time, please prioritize your design questions so we can handle the most important issues first.
  • Your style, your preferences, your likes, your dislikes and your lifestyle.
    Interior Affairs will ask lots of questions to get a better understanding of who you are. Please also be prepared to show us images that communicate your personal style or images you may have seen as inspiration.
  • Budget.
    It’s best to work out your finances and set an overall budget before you begin the project. If you are unsure about where to begin, Interior Affairs will work with you to determine your goals and set a realistic budget for your space. We will first ‘shop in your home” checking to make sure of items that can be repurposed and that can be included in your new design. Time must not exceed 2 hours any additional time will be subject to additional costs.

Affordable E Design Services

Starting at 1200.00 per room

Interior Affairs has created an awesome way of designing using the latest technology for those looking to work with an experienced design professional.

If your design needs include starting from scratch with a fresh new palette or just wanting to freshen up your existing design, Interior Affairs has got you covered and can turn your dreams in reality. Using email, phone and video communication we will work together to create a custom one of a kind design tailored to your desired needs for your space.

Why E Design Services?

This is a great way to use our design services especially for the person who wants to be in control of their own time frame and do their own purchasing at their own pace. It’s affordable. Working with a designer, is often thought to be very costly and only for those with huge budgets. However; that isn’t always true. When working with Interior Affairs, you will get the expertise of an educated, profession Interior Designer in a very affordable way. Interior Affairs does the legwork and research to create a one-of-a-kind design and you simply need to execute and wait for the deliveries! Once the plan is completed, the project is in your hands! You decide whether to move forward with our exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. You’re in control.

  • It’s affordable
    Working with a designer is often thought to be very costly and only meant for those with large budgets. But this plan accommodates the client who is looking for professional design experience at an affordable price.
  • You get the expertise of a design professional
    Interior Affairs designs the plan to work with your specifications. The design
  • It’s convenient
    Best of all, this plan was created to accommodate you! It’s the surest way of getting what you want when you want it. You choose when and where and how to move forward using our design plan as your guide.

How it works

First, click the contact tab to be placed on our design schedule for a complimentary phone consultation. You will be asked specific questions during this call to obtain details about your space or spaces. Once you have agreed to move forward with this design service, an invoice is sent to you to secure design fees are paid and, Interior Affairs gets started on the design. Depending to what extent your space needs our design expertise, a typical turn-around time may take as long as 4-6 weeks to complete.

Why so long?

Interior Affairs addresses each area of the room(s) to be sure that nothing is left unaddressed when designing for our clients. One of the other important key factors is to make sure the measurements of the recommended items and will fit within the space you have measured for us. The recommended items must also make design sense, be functional and pleasing to the eye. Please keep in mind these are custom designs created for you, and no two rooms are alike!

What you get?

Each E Design Package depends on you and what your needs are according to our initial phone consultation. At the time of the invoicing, a follow up email confirms the details of your space and the scope of work, before our design work begins. Once the design work has been completed your E Design project details will be emailed to you in PDF or WORD form.

Typically our E Design Packages may include the following:

  1. A full word document with explanation of the design decision that were made.
  2. Excel Budget | Cost List
  3. Excel Sheet with detailed sourcing list
  4. Mood board with prints and patterns
  5. Furniture selections
  6. Floor Plan Layout (according to your measurements)
  7. Wall elevations if necessary for art and accessory placement
  8. DIY projects (if necessary)