Holiday Design Ideas in Fullerton

Even though we won’t get a white Christmas, our team of designers at Interior Affairs love decorating for the holidays in Fullerton. If you have decorated your home for a number of years, you know that sometimes that means trudging through the attic to find your favorite holiday pieces to display. But some years, you just want something new and different, so we thought we would pull together a few ideas for your consideration.

Isn’t this just lovely? The room already had a monochromatic theme going on, with the off-white walls and taupe draperies, to accent the white fireplace mantle. The chairs are draped in a fabric that ties it all together, and the tree continues the light, soft and relaxing theme. The color of the gold balls on the tree are carried back over to the mantle, with a simple garland, two topiary trees and a wreath. The white candles will lend a warm ambiance as the night continues. We think this is both elegant and restful.

Speaking of ambiance, have you ever thought of putting a Christmas tree in your bedroom? You know how much you enjoy the lights of the tree in your living room in the evening while you are chatting with friends and family. The soft lights on this Christmas tree lend a festive air to the room, and for a month or two out of the year, completely change the feel of the room. Change is good, and this looks like an enjoyable place to spend the night.

Back to the living room, we found this grouping just charming. The white-washed walls and white fireplace, stairs and chair give it a monochromatic feel, but the trees and the pop of red in the reindeer wreath make it something special. The trees are the same size, but the elevation of the tree on the right gives this room much more depth and drama. If you don’t have set of steps nearby, you can accomplish the same thing by buying trees of varying heights. There are a number of trees that are more slender, and a couple of those: one shorter than the other, can really set off an area of your home. We also like a grouping of three trees of varying heights in the corner of a room to set the holiday stage. We have some other Christmas tree design ideas we really like. Can’t you just picture Santa in his chair doling out the gifts on Christmas morning? Add some hot chocolate and Christmas is here!

We have shown you some luxurious and elegant Christmas interior design ideas, but this one is more whimsical with a rustic feel. The designers of this room did a great job of providing a neutral palette, with the medium grey walls and white furnishings. So imagine the fun of adding a few throw pillows, a tree and some stockings and completely change the feel of the room. Our team at Interior Affairs love creating a space that is uniquely you, and giving you the opportunity to update it seamlessly throughout the changing seasons. We love to transform your interior spaces into the home of your dreams!


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