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5 Ways to Boost Your Focus in a Home Office

People hardly have enough willpower to completely ignore what is going on around them. That is because paying attention to anything that might endanger or otherwise affect our lives in any way was vital to a human’s early survival. Even today our bodies prevent us from completely focusing on a task when others are in […]

Plan Out Your Summer Party with These Design Ideas

As summer parties are as synonymous with the season as vacations to the beach and a pitcher of sangria. Here are the best ways to manage summer party ideas to elevate your next outdoor celebration with the same confidence you had in decorating your home. Because whether you are looking to entertain poolside or in […]

Best Paint Colors for This Summer

Because no wall in your house should be left as a blank canvas, we are looking at trending interior paint colors for this year to get you inspired before the summer season is over and we go into fall. From what paint colors will work best in which rooms throughout your house to paint color […]