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8 Ways to Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

Looking at inspiration for interior decor can be fun if you have an expansive house, but for those living inside an apartment or urban neighborhood, space is everything.

Instead of resigning yourself, choose to look at your lack of space as a creative challenge. Strive to build a living room that reflects your personal style and interests while maintaining a sense of functionality.

There are a few smart strategies to keep in mind as you design your living room to maximize space while letting your inner flair and personality still shine through.

Read on for eight ways to make your small living room look larger.

1. Utilize Built-In Furniture: Spending a little extra money to invest in some built-in furniture can go a long way towards maximizing your space. For example, an attractive custom built-in sofa can be
crafted to also have storage containers underneath.

2. Tastefully Arrange Furniture: In order to maximize space in your living room, do your best to create separation with your furniture so the single room can have multiple uses. Putting your chairs and
sofa together will make it seem separate from the dining area – giving the impression your small living room actually has a lot of space. Don’t be afraid to separate with different light fixtures for the living space and the dining area.

3. Bring The Sun In: Do everything you can to bring in natural light to make your living room seem larger. This can be done with the addition of mirrors to reflect the sun, or placing some pieces of furniture to where they have a nice view of the outdoors.

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4. Paint Smart: A great way to make a smaller room seem bigger is to paint with paler hues, while also taking a brush to the trim in order to highlight the ceiling. But don’t be afraid to go with darker
colors to give off a more sophisticated vibe. Pairing darker paint colors with lighter furniture can make a room seem larger by providing depth.

5. Center The Room With A Rug: You might think a big rug would easily overwhelm a smaller space, but it’s the opposite. Rugs that extend beyond the furniture actually make living rooms seem bigger, while tiny ones can easily make it seem like you are trying to squeeze everything into a small space.

6. Slim Down Furniture: One of the easiest ways to make your smaller living room seem bigger is to simply buy sleeker furniture. Over-sized couches and heavy tables will make the room feel small
and cramped, while low-profile furniture will help make things seem bigger. Plus, the addition of sleeker furniture makes it easy to hang up artwork to draw the eyes.

7. Highlight The Room With A Focal Point: When trying to lay out the design of a smaller living room, choose to highlight a specific part of the room so the eyes are not distracted by the smaller size.
If you have a standout piece of artwork or an attractive mirror, this is a great opportunity to make it a visually interesting centerpiece of your living room.

8. Personality Is Key: Another simple way to accentuate a smaller living space is to just make it yours. Put up some beloved photographs. Buy some cool frames for paintings. Put out a sentimental knickknack.

Just because you’re living small, does not mean the living room has to be devoid of personality. Keep the following tips in mind to make your space yours and take advantage of what you have to work with.

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