7 Ideas To Enhance Your Entryway

No matter what your home looks like, the best place to make a first impression always starts at the door. An entryway that gives off a welcoming vibe is going to make visitors immediately more comfortable, and will also put you in a happy mood as you enter the house.

A good entryway will immediately set the tone for the rest of your house, and properly decorating it is something that should not be ignored.

Keep these 7 ideas in mind as you work to enhance your entryway.

1) Scale is Everything: Make sure any sort of furniture or decorations are adequately scaled to the room. A big grand foyer with just a couple of small side tables will look off. Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture, while accessorizing your choices with mirrors, flowers, pillows, umbrella stands, and pottery.

2) Preview the Home’s Style: An entryway is a great way to show off the rest of the house. If your home has a rustic design, enhance the entryway by replicating this theme through the furniture you have. If you are looking for a more minimalist home décor, then take the time to make sure your entryway reflects that.

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3) Find a Good Rug: No matter what, the entryway is going to be a place with a lot of traffic. But sometimes entryways can be small and cramped so a big living room rug will not do. Instead, enhance the entryway by searching for a vibrant yet durable rug so you can cover up floor space while still maintaining a sense of functionality.

4) Put Up Some Wallpaper: Wallpaper might seem a bit out of style to some, but it can be a great way to make an entryway fit with the rest of a home’s architecture, especially if it is a bit older. Wallpaper can be used to give an older home a modern twist, or even be put up to turn a modern house into a more vintage one. It can also serve as a good transition from the entryway to the staircase.

5) Make It Functional: Aside from adding a rug, make sure the entryway is a place where people who go in and out of the house can use. Visitors will appreciate an umbrella stand or coat rack to hang their items while coming over. Your family will appreciate an entryway filled with dressers or chests that can store weather gear, gloves, keys, or the mail.

6) Let in Light: The entryway presents a great opportunity to take advantage of a home’s natural light. Don’t be afraid to let the sunshine stream in through the windows, or even add lamps and table lanterns to give off a different sort of atmosphere. Rotate your lighting options as the seasons pass by to give your visitors something to look forward to once they come back to visit.

7) Make A Splash With Your Decorations: The entryway is a great place to make a big statement for your home. Even though they can be small, adding in a stunning piece of artwork or some plush stools can let guests know they are coming into a home with style, personality, and flair. Adding in some mirrors to the entryway is another great way to accent some of your statement pieces so visitors will not forget them.

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