7 Holiday Ideas for Last Minute Decorating

The holidays are always an exciting time because they are usually filled with good friends and family. Most people spend a lot of time decorating their houses and apartments with lights and other accessories, but some choose to start buying decorations at the last minute.

If you have waited a bit too long to decorate and are now trying to scramble to figure out a plan, keep these holiday ideas in mind for some last-minute decorating strategies.

1) Hang a wreath on the door. This is a simple way to spice up your home, especially since many wreaths can be creative works of art that can be customized to the particular home’s color or theme. If you want to go a bit further, place wreaths on your front windows to give off a warm and friendly vibe to visitors.

2) Decorate your seats with colorful covers. You can do this with just a scarf or cloth from your closet that is tied around the chair. If you use the same colors for all the chairs, it will give your house a nice cohesive theme, especially if you focus the decorating on the dining room.

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3) Don’t be afraid to hang extra ornaments onto your Christmas trees to give off a new decorating vibe and introduce some other colors. If you don’t have any more room on your tree, then hang ornaments from hooks, chairs, door handles, or the staircase for a simple decorating strategy.

4) Gather some fruit to make a few centerpieces for your tables if you need a quick decorating strategy before family or friends come over. Decorations are all about spreading joy and happiness and colorful fruit displays can be a good way to spice up a room in a simple and cheap manner.

5) Warm up your house in style with some candles inside of colorful vases. Candles can be easily made into a festive accessory on a table or even as a centerpiece on a shelf or ledge. Surround your candles with other Christmas decorations to make the entire setting come together. If you want to incorporate nature, feel free to add in some pine cones from the front yard.

6) The classic gingerbread house can be a quick and simple way to introduce some holiday cheer and spirit into a home. Cooking gingerbread and then constructing it into a house is a fun and exciting way to make some unique decorations while spending time with your family and children. It’s a great activity for younger kids if you are looking to keep them entertained

7) If you are planning on having guests over, utilize any open and available space for your decorations. Open shelves and ledges can be used as spots for candles, ornaments and photos of the family. Let your creative side come out and start to think how your home can be used for decorating.

If you are pressed for time while decorating, don’t worry, as there are a number of strategies and ideas you can roll out to quickly and creatively decorate for the holidays. Keep an open mind and use all that you have in your house when it comes time for some quick decorating.

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